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Super Swamper Thornbird Tires
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Super Swamper Thornbird Tires are versatile, adaptable tires produced and distributed by Interco Tire Corporation. A Thornbird Tire has a Three Stage Lug design on the sidewall that does not touch highway ground yet as soon as the tire gets into thick mud or snow, these sidewall lugs will provide the ultimate traction –forward or reverse. Fiberglass belts under the tire tread design and polyester mass plies are responsible in giving a more comfortable, smoother ride. The design of Super Swamper Thornbird Tires is almost having a two tire in one –an avant-garde design that has worked its way to being the legendary level for Super Performance. What more could anyone wish for? Don't miss out of having one or a set of these outstanding and stylish tires exclusively from Interco Corporation. These highly durable, high performing Thornbird Tires are available here. We offer the most affordable Super Swamper Thornbird Tires. So get a set of Super Swamper Thornbird Tire today.

Super Swamper Thornbird Tires
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