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Super Swamper Irok Tires are the new “Super Performer” exclusive from Interco Tire Corporation. Many years were spent to develop this remarkable mud tire. Nevertheless, Interco was able to create and provide the market with a tire that performs with an outstanding tire traction anybody could ever imagine. All the years spent were not a waste because today, customers can enjoy the excellent features an Irok Tire can provide. Super Swamper Irok tires have a directional tread design with the famous Three Stage Lug Design, scooped lugs, blade and molded siping, plus an exclusive sidewall trait. Super Swamper Irok Tires also have a durable cord and cut-resistant elements that provides incredible traction. These Irok Tires are indeed highly durable and high performing. A set of Super Swamper Irok Tires will meet your high standards and fit your budget. These tires guarantee customer satisfaction compared to the other tires available in the market today. Get a set of the most affordable Super Swamper Irok Tires here.

Super Swamper Irok Tires
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